How do they work?

Erectile dysfunction drugs belong to a group of medicaments called PDE5 inhibitors – a variety of drugs from Viagra to Stendra or Cialis belong here and are further advanced through medical research. They work quite simply since all of them have some effect on the blood cells, more specifically relaxing the tight blood cells and allowing more blood to burst into the penis and create an erection. They get the work done for more than 2/3 of men suffering from erectile dysfunction syndrome and are the hope for countless of men who, by some cause, are unable to fully enjoy their sexual lives.

What are the bonus positive side effects?

They not only force the blood into the penis creating an erection, but they also reduce the recovery time between intercourses, which can create that feeling of endless nights – that even otherwise healthy man craves. They can also work on most of the cases of premature ejaculation since in many of these cases the men have difficulty lasting longer than 2-5 minutes. And don’t be disappointed if you do have a second early orgasm – you can have as many erections as you wish since the amount of 100mg of the drugs are able to produce enough steam for 3 rounds!

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