Smaller dose doesn’t mean a lesser effect

When you see these Cialis 5mg pills, you might be thinking that this can’t be enough! It is a small amount; however, these pills are just as effective as the larger doses. The magic is in you. Or your body to be more specific. A body of a man is always something special, since everybody is a little different. Why should a small man with almost no weight be using 60mg pills when a 5mg is more than enough for him? Or when an older guy wants to have sex in his 60’s, there is no better option than 5mg pills since they won’t put such a stress on his heart, yet he will be able to have a long and strong erection.

Effectiveness is the key

Now it is known and respected that bigger the amount in one dose, higher the cost. When you decide to buy these 5mg, you can rest assured that you are now buying the best for the lowest price possible. And these small packages are a perfect way for someone who is just starting to experience with pills. You should always take less and expect more. And if it doesn’t work, take bigger doses.

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